All You Need to Know about X 19 pocket bike

The X 19 super bike is a superb addition to the X line of 110cc pocket bikes. A comfortable cruising sport bike, this model can come in either manual or automatic transmission. Hauling back on the throttle, you can lay some heat on the road up to 65 mph. There’s a lot more features that make this sound all well and good, but there are a few things about the X 19 super bike that you should know about before you buy one. What might these things be?

For one thing, while the X 19 super bike can be the most equipped of street legal 110cc pocket bikes in its class, there are a small few states that would not legally allow pocket bikes in anything other than an off-road or racetrack situation. This is definitely something to be looking into before you consider buying one of these for street use. That aside, another thing to know is just how “street legal” are these puppies anyways?

If you consider that the X 19 super bike comes with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, blinkers, brake light and a headlight with both high and low beams, it’s quite well within established street legality parameters for most anywhere… but you may need to add on rear view mirrors in order for it to conform to certain state vehicle inspection regulations. But while this baby is marketed at about $725.00 or more, it weighs 300 pounds without the packaging crate – this must cause the added shipping cost to make the overall price tag quite huge!

Well, this is where the best thing to know about this beauty of the 110cc pocket bikes comes in. There are some companies that offer this particular bad boy for less than $640.00, and they also offer free shipping for the X19 super bike on top of that small price! Once the order is placed in, all you need to do is wait for the crate to arrive and begin to enjoy your new x 19 super bike!

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