Difference between Yamaha R1 and R6

Let me start with the introduction of R1.

R1 can storm from not to 100 km/hr. in less than 3 seconds and go about a top speed of 300 km/hr. This level of performance is impossible to measure on urban roads. So, we were on a race track to get the true feel of the ‘World’s Super Bike Race’ winner.

Those of you who know super bikes might be a little disappointed 2012 version of this bike because it looks exactly like its previous models apart from color changes. But if you look closer, there are a couple of detail changes.

The overall shape of the bike remains the same but it has a big nose with bigger L.E.D lights to give an attractive headlight look. It’s more aerodynamic too.

This bike has basically the same engine that it had last year. Asking about the new thing, it has an updated E.C.U (Engine Control Unit). It may be an inline four-cylinder engine but what sets it apart from other inline four-cylinders is the way it makes it power. It’s Yamaha’s crank design and a change in the firing order of its four cylinders, it gives that special character. The connection between the throttle, rear tire and the road feels more alive and you feel more in control. The 2012 model has introduced an extra and very important feature to keep you safe, the Traction Control.

The T.C.S. or the Traction Control System has six settings. On number six you can catch the fun nice and early and on number you get a lot more slides before it starts to get speed. You can change the settings by a switch on the left handle bar.

But, how does the T.C.S. work?

There is a sensor on the front and rear wheel of the bike. When the rear wheel starts turning faster than the front, the system understands that it should maintain a balance. So it starts adjusting different parameters such as ignition timing and throttle opening and brings everything under control.

You can also turn this system off. But, I would suggest you to leave it to the experts.

Now let me talk about the king of 600 cc sports bike. Yes, I am talking about the Yamaha’s R6.

If R1 is all about the engine, then R6 is all about the handling. The smaller size and comparatively less weight allow this bike to turn much more quickly which makes it easier to hustle around the track. Nothing much has changed this bike and it doesn’t needs to. It is still the best bike under the 600 cc category.

This bike has only 600 cc four-cylinder engine and 50 horsepower less than R1. So, ultimately it is not as quick as the latter. But, this doesn’t make it a soft option. In many ways, this bike is a hardcore option. It is a focused track weapon.

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